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Connecting Patients & Data

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Connecting Patients & Data is a design blueprint and information guide that helps organizations and agencies plan for their patient registry project, build a solid foundation for their program and avert pitfalls.


Why Establish a Patient Registry?

Learn why patient registries are becoming so important for healthcare organizations & other organizations. See Page 7


Who Benefits?

How are today's patient registry system improving patient care? Learn who benefits. See Page 14

mobile devices

How the "Wheel Theory" Exponentially Improves Your Patient Registry Program.

How to quickly create the noise,
community and buy-in necessary to position your product
or program for success. ! See page 15


10 Factors That Drive Your Program

The TEN factors that every study should have and that should be part of any patient registry decisions. See Page 17

Pen and paper

Learn Why All Patient Registry Software Systems Are NOT Equal

Careful consideration must be taken when deciding on
a system and a team that is right for you. You must hold
every dollar spent accountable to you. See Page 28


What to Know About Patient Security

What are the important things to remember when setting up a registry as it relates to HIPAA and HITECH? See Page 31

“I've worked closely with the GVT team on numerous projects. They are highly experienced in the design, implementation and support of patient registries. They are very good at building patient registry systems to an organization's exact needs and objectives. I highly recommend their services.”

Tom Mclaughlin - Optimum Health Care

What is ClinicalPURSUIT?ClinicalPURSUIT is a cost-effective, tailored patient registry software tool for managing patient registry programs. Watch a Short Review of ClinicalPURSUIT & How a Client Overcame Their Data Challenges --->

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How does our Guide Help?

Any time you are looking to run a patient research project there are things to consider. You should really try to begin your research project on the right foot. In most studies, you'll see questions surface such as what does the protocol look like and how are you going to correlate data? There will be items related to HIPAA, patient information, security, research costs, remote access and collaboration. You'll need to be able to answer those questions in order to plan a successful project. The guide helps answers those questions for you.


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Patient Registry Ebook